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Letter: Human arrogance is on display

Nearly 500 geese were euthanized after desecrating the

Nearly 500 geese were euthanized after desecrating the Sprain Lake Golf Course with hundreds of pounds of feces. (July 11, 2012) Photo Credit: News12

Humans have destroyed rain forests, polluted our air and our waters ["Kill geese and ban dogs from parks," Letters, July 8]. We are responsible for the extinction or near-extinction of many species. How proud we humans should be! After all, it is our human right to destroy animals if they happen to be in our way.

It is unfortunate that animals have to share the planet with egocentric, ignorant humans. Our place on the food chain does not allow us to destroy animals for our convenience or to protect our human rights.

Truthfully, I'd rather sit in a poop-laden park or on a goose-infested lawn than in the company of narcissistic human-rights seekers.

Mary Vessio, Bayville


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