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Letter: Huntington ignores congestion

Route 110 in East Farmingdale is congested. Looking

Route 110 in East Farmingdale is congested. Looking north, the late afternoon traffic whizzes by. Newsday photo/David L. Pokress Credit: NEWSDAY/DAVID L. POKRESS Newsday/David L. Pokress

Residents from civic groups and the local fire district have requested a moratorium on further development along the Long Island Expressway service road in Melville, to conduct studies dealing with congestion and overdevelopment .

If the past is an indicator, any new studies would be ignored and a waste of the taxpayers' money. The Town of Huntington 20 years ago conducted extensive studies that resulted in the adoption of the Melville environmental impact statement. Problems of both the extent and intensity of development and their cumulative impacts were outlined, and guidelines were set forth.

Despite these findings, the Huntington Town Board, planning board and zoning board have chosen to ignore the findings and recommendations. Board members typically claim that, individually, development requests would have only minimal impacts, and thus ignored the cumulative effect.

A more honest approach would be to say clearly that the price of development and jobs was going to be congestion. The problems of today were all too predictable.

Kenneth Fine, Melville

Editor's note: The writer was a land use planner with the Town of Huntington from 1977 until 2005.