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Letter: Huntington should develop bike trail

Huntington-Lloyd Neck Trail: This 16-mile hilly, scenic street

Huntington-Lloyd Neck Trail: This 16-mile hilly, scenic street route goes from Cold Spring Harbor north on Woodbury Road to Huntington village. It follows West Neck Road through Lloyd Harbor to Caumsett State Historic Park and Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge. At Caumsett, a 2-mile, off-road route (helmets required) leads to a pond and the Sound. Photo Credit: Daniel Brennan

The article “Illicit bike trail targeted” [News, Sept. 19] is a great example of what’s wrong with Long Island. There’s nothing fun for kids to do, and nothing is free. Movies cost $12 or more. The ice rink costs money. The state beach is $10. Many parks are underdeveloped and not maintained.

Instead, kids spend all day inside playing video games. What’s left to do? Go to the mall? Is it really a surprise that kids spray graffiti, join gangs and generally get into trouble at younger ages? We don’t give them any outlet.

Instead of shutting down the bike park, Huntington should work with riders to develop it and make it safer.

I would like to see more examples like the one in Riverhead. The town refurbished and reopened the skate park on Columbus Avenue [“Skate park reopening as many ramps fixed,” News, Sept. 19]. We need more of this.

Edward Koenig, Brightwaters