Your story "Pace of fix at town hall irks board member" [News, April 9] fails to mention relevant facts and gives a misleading impression of the condition of Huntington Town Hall and the process by which capital projects are prioritized.

Town hall is not falling apart, nor does its condition present a danger to the health or safety of town workers or visitors. Huntington has continued to undertake maintenance projects at town hall, including replacing the roof and the elevator, installing solar panels and upgrading the building energy management system to monitor and save on costs.

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Meanwhile, the town has spent significantly on repairs at town facilities that did have health and safety concerns. It rehabilitated the south parking garage at the Huntington train station, replaced the crumbling archway at Crab Meadow Beach, upgraded and repaired sewer lines and manhole covers, repaved parking lots, and replaced broken curbs and sidewalks.

Priorities are based on the availability of funds and the critical need for repairs, as determined by the capital projects committee's independent assessment. This committee ensures that projects are undertaken because of their relative importance, which is the most fiscally prudent way to apportion limited taxpayer funds.

Frank P. Petrone, Huntington

Editor's note: The writer is the town supervisor.