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Letter: Illegal influx has served businesses

While Congress has failed to pass comprehensive immigration

While Congress has failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform, advocates have kept pressure on Obama to act. In Hempstead on April 5, 2014, several organizations rallied in support of immigration reform with a "No More Deportations March." The groups aimed to draw attention to the more than 2 million people deported under the Obama administration. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

Be realistic. There are thousands of people living in this country illegally ["Mayors meet on immigration," News, Dec. 9]. They've been here for years, and those under discussion have been here for at least five years. The reason they weren't deported, basically, is they're cheap labor, and big business is always ready to keep overhead down.

People are living in this country without proper means of identification. They are potentially untraceable. We are never going to deport thousands of people. These people want to be productive and law-abiding. What's wrong with that?

Irene Mortensen, Bay Shore