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Letter: Improper use of state, federal funds

Bellport Mayor Ray Fell in the Village Hall

Bellport Mayor Ray Fell in the Village Hall talks about his goals for 2016 on Monday, Jan. 18, 2016. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

I understand the need to stay on top of maintenance of municipal facilities [“Big plans,” News, Feb. 11]. Unfortunately, I see Bellport Mayor Ray Fell’s plans as a way to use nonresident taxpayer money for the benefit of a select group.

Bellport wants to use state grants and money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to rebuild bulkheads at the village docks, which the nonresidents can’t use. Although Newsday refers to Ho-Hum Beach as a public beach, the Bellport Village website says it’s open only to residents and their guests.

If the village wishes to restrict access to certain areas, then let the residents who enjoy exclusive use of these facilities pay for them, and not the county, state or federal government. If the docks or the private village beaches need repairs, increase taxes in the village to pay for them.

I would much prefer to give my tax dollars to help the schools in the South Country school district, which clearly need our assistance, instead of supporting essentially private docks and private beaches.

Steve Lewis, East Patchogue