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Letters: In favor of reducing plastic bags

A person picks up a plastic bag on

A person picks up a plastic bag on June 30, 2014 in a supermarket in Paris. Credit: AFP/Getty Images / Fred Dufour

I just read Newsday’s editorial on the fee New York City will impose on shoppers at some stores for using plastic bags [“NYC set to bag disposables,” May 3]. It’s a good idea to discontinue their use.

Estimates on how long it takes for a plastic bag to decompose range from 10 years to 1,000. It’s unfortunate that the 5-cent fee can’t be put to better use. The plan is for retailers to keep the money.

I also disagree with exempting people on food stamps from the fee. They can certainly purchase a few bags and take them to the store as I do!

Helen Finkelstein, Baldwin


For countless environmental reasons, I applaud New York City’s decision to charge a fee for bags. However, I do hope that business owners will be encouraged to follow the lead of countries such as Scotland, where bag revenue is donated to charity. Such a movement would benefit all involved.

Kimberly Endo, Freeport