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Letter: In forgiving, family displayed grace

Relatives, and a close friend, are seen on

Relatives, and a close friend, are seen on Jan. 29, 2016 at First District Court where Dr. Thomas Stavola received a 2-year-jail term for the drunk driving crash that killed Monica Peterman in Smithtown in 2014. From left, the victim's sons, Justin and Jordan, 14, and her husband, Russell. At the far right, her son, Bryan Greaves, sits with close family friend, Jasmine DePaula. Credit: James Carbone

I wept as I read “A doctor forgiven” [News, Jan. 30]. I hope and pray I never find myself on either end of such a horrible situation.

The grace and dignity of the Peterman family, and the words spoken to the doctor by Monica Peterman’s son Bryan Greaves, are more than awe-inspiring. His words are, I suspect, what we are all supposed to learn in our lifetime: that is to forgive, no matter how egregious the crime, the slight, the insult, the inhumanity.

Monica Peterman’s family, although grieving, is blessed.

Susan Hennings-Lowe, Huntington