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Letter: Income tax a fairer school funder

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's 2013 federal income

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's 2013 federal income tax form is photographed on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Bush released a third of a century of his personal income tax returns, a record disclosure for presidential candidates.

People make choices all the time, and the choice to be childless is a perfectly acceptable one ["Childless taxpayers deserve a break," Letters, June 29].

But in our democracy, we have a system of free public school education to prepare knowledgeable citizens. These children grow up to be the custodians of the future, to do the jobs that need to be done to care for institutions and people, childless or not, old or young. Therefore, education is something we all must be responsible for, because it's in the best interest of each one of us.

To be more financially fair, however, we might consider funding education by taxing income rather than housing. Taxing income would be more equitable, going up or down depending on how much money is coming in.

Christin M. Veech, Commack

Editor's note: The writer is a retired high school teacher.