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Letter: Industrial building and wetlands

The article "Residents oppose industrial site plan" [News, July 21] mentions that opponents of the zoning change at a sand pits parcel in Port Washington, owned by the Town of North Hempstead, included hundreds of residents of nearby Harbor View.

There is another group of town residents who opposed development because of its harm to valuable open space and the flora and fauna in this habitat. At the rezoning hearing on July 18, an environmental scientist who has been mapping habitats and studying biodiversity explained that further studies are needed on the possible effects of development.

Lakes and wetlands impacted by the development may be the most valuable freshwater wetland habitat for waterfowl on the peninsula. A wet meadow habitat on the site was not even been mentioned in developer Dejana Industries' official report. Further, the scientist informed the attendees that he had found more than 20 species of native wetland flora in this wet meadow.

Peggy Maslow, Port Washington