In response to “Mixed feelings about Trump” [Letters, March 23], I understand that Donald Trump supporters represent voters’ disgust with career politicians. I certainly sympathize with that feeling, but I believe that voters need to look at candidates themselves, not just the fact that they are non-politicians.

This is especially true for Trump. This is not a man that you want as president. He is self-serving and bombastic. He panders to what his supporters want to hear, not to any belief system.

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A Trump presidency would wreck our economy because investors would fear to invest. A Trump presidency would isolate us from the world because of his xenophobia. Trump professes a desire to make America great again, but I don’t believe he understands what made America great in the first place.

Trump does not have the character or ethics to lead this country, and I’m aghast that many people don’t see that.

Scott Diamond, Levittown