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Letter: IRS should reject LIPA overhaul


4. LIPA CEDES CONTROL TO PSEG - After questions were raised about LIPA's management, finances and response time after superstorm Sandy, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo proposed a plan that gave PSEG, a New Jersey utility company, nearly complete control of the Long Island power grid, replacing the LIPA brand with a new entity, PSEG-LI. On Oct. 3, LIPA trustees approved Cuomo's effort to reform the utility. Read the full story Credit: Steve Pfost

Will the Internal Revenue Service approve Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's restructuring plan for the Long Island Power Authority ["Long Island's power reboot," Editorial, Aug. 1]?

The IRS should nix the plan, because it gives public money, credit and control of our electric system to a private, profit-making corporation, PSEG of New Jersey.

Will an IRS recently accused of favoritism and incompetence look very closely at Cuomo's false statement that LIPA was meant to be a "holding company"? The 1986 legislation creating LIPA clearly states that LIPA is intended to be a "publicly owned power authority" controlled by Long Islanders. Cuomo conceals this fact because he needs a seemingly plausible story line for the financial sham he is presenting for IRS approval.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if the IRS turned down Cuomo's proposal? Then, we may finally get what was legislated in 1986: a Long Island utility that is owned and controlled by Long Islanders. This new utility would have one mission: to build renewable energy now, creating clean energy construction jobs and promoting the Long Island economy. Cuomo could even lead the way.

Peter Maniscalco, Manorville

Editor's note: The writer was the coordinator of the Stop Shoreham Campaign and a longtime advocate for Long Island ratepayer-controlled municipal power.