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Good Afternoon

Letter: Is free tuition plan part of a 2020 run?

The pledges from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Attorney

The pledges from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia came a day after President Donald Trump's rollback of the Obama-era directive that instructed public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their chosen gender. Credit: Craig Ruttle

The article “College aid: A closer look” [News, Feb. 21] informs us that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s “free” tuition plan will cost $163 million annually. We are told by a Cuomo spokeswoman that, “Governor Cuomo believes that a college education should be within the reach of anyone who wants it, regardless of race or religion; gender or orientation; documentation or ability; ZIP code or lineage.”

This means the governor wants to give my tax dollars to people who have broken the law to live in this state illegally. In fact, these noncitizens would get money, but under this proposal, U.S. citizens from other states would not be allowed to get this money. Is this pandering to people here illegally fair to our fellow citizens?

There is one thing I know for sure: This “free” education will cost us all a lot more than $163 million a year. It seems to be aimed more to support a run for president by Cuomo in 2020 than to help the citizens of New York.

Robert F. LaPorta, Dix Hills