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Letter: Islip program will help feral cats

It takes time for a feral kitten or

It takes time for a feral kitten or cat to adjust to living indoors in a home. Credit: Flickr / Allison Matherly

It is wonderful that Islip Town is finally planning a program for its feral and stray cats [“Kitty control,” News, Aug. 3]. As a trapper-rescuer, I can attest that it is long awaited and much needed.

However, I take issue with the wording used. Stating that TNR stands for “trap, neuter, release,” or that “others are released back to the wild,” gives the false idea that cats can be released anywhere.

TNR stands for “trap, neuter, return.” Cats that are not adoptable must be returned to areas where they were trapped. Otherwise, you condemn them to death as they search for food and shelter and try to find their original homes.

Islip town has many areas where cats are routinely dumped or abandoned, almost always unaltered. We don’t need more. Abandoning or dumping an animal is illegal! Dumping adds to overpopulation, causes more suffering for the cats and gives those of us doing TNR a lot more work.

I have seen TNR programs work where I have trapped cats, as well as in other towns, to reduce the population of free-roaming cats. I hope Islip will see fewer community cats.

Dottie Zammetti, Brightwaters