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Letter: Islip tax increase would be flip-flop

Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci, at Newsday's conference

Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci, at Newsday's conference room in Melville (April 20, 2012) Photo Credit: Randee Daddona

Regarding "Islip Town: All options on table to close $26M gap" [News, June 11], I would like to point out Town Supervisor Thomas Croci's flip-flop on taxes and remind readers that he and his Republican team campaigned on cutting taxes.

It took Croci almost five months to get a report from his budget team after firing qualified employees and replacing them with party insiders and allies, including the Republican town leader.

Having one party essentially in control of a town board -- with all five members either Republican or Conservative -- makes it more likely that politicians will raise taxes. The solution is to elect a Democrat to act as a watchdog to look over the shoulder of the board.

Joseph G. Hagelmann, Ronkonkoma

Editor's note: The writer is the Islip Town Democratic chairman.