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Letter: Judge reference wasn't partisan

Voters shouldn't elect judges.

Voters shouldn't elect judges. Credit: Jim Peppler, 2011

In "A Nassau rift on endorsing judge" [News Column, Oct. 19], unidentified Republican sources asserted that the Nassau County Bar Association Judiciary Committee's determination that Anna Anzalone was unqualified to serve as a Supreme Court justice was the result of bias because the committee is "heavily Democratic."

This is unfounded. The committee comprises an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

These sources also asserted Anzalone was found unqualified in retribution for her husband's support for the Republican Party as a labor union official. This assertion is equally unfounded, as this connection was not disclosed to or discussed by the committee.

Rather, the judiciary committee concluded by an overwhelming margin, after an investigation and an interview, that Anzalone lacked the qualifications and experience necessary to move to justice of the Supreme Court.

The judiciary committee performs a critical role, which is to advise the public of the suitability of candidates for judicial office. If the political parties intend to cross-endorse judicial candidates, depriving the public of meaningful choices on Election Day, they should ensure that only well-qualified men and women are nominated.

John P. McEntee, Mineola

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Nassau County Bar Association.