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Letter: Kids feel 'caged' on snow days

For the sanity of parents everywhere, please don't send us another snow day !

Everywhere I go, mothers -- and fathers in equal-opportunity households -- are cursing the snow that has canceled school too often and the children whining at them, high from TV and too many video games.

The heathens we once knew as our children leap in tall bounds over the backs of the furniture and our heads with a fevered energy that threatens to topple our houses.

There is nothing as torturous as a week potholed by snow days. The fortunate childless people of this world think we parents are inside drinking frothy hot cocoa with whipped cream around a table of eager and grateful children. What they don't know is that many of us would rather poke needles in our eyes than have to stay home even one single day more with the caged animals that look like the children we used to know.

Bonnie Hennessy, Long Beach


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