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Letter: Lack of Dem support for King challenger

Patricia Maher, the Democratic candidate for New York's

Patricia Maher, the Democratic candidate for New York's 2nd Congressional District, and Rep. Peter King, the GOP incumbent. Credit: Steven Sunshine / James Escher

Newsday dropped the ball in its article on the 2nd Congressional District race ["King vs. Maher vs. Stevenson," News, Oct. 7].

With Election Day coming up, I'd like to see side-by-side responses from the candidates on serious issues confronting the nation: climate change, instability in the Middle East, growing income inequality, long-term unemployment, health insurance, gun violence, tax reform, immigration reform. What we got instead was a piece offering fatuous opinions by political insiders lauding Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford).

The so-called Democratic leaders in both counties have provided zero support to their congressional candidate, but that doesn't represent how the rest of us feel.

Suffolk County Democratic Party chairman Rich Schaffer said, "We don't view this race as competitive." How is it that Schaffer could run for supervisor in Babylon on the Democratic, Independence, Conservative and Working Families lines, but somehow fail to obtain the Working Families line on this year's ballot for his congressional candidate -- one of the only Democrats in the state without that line?

And if Nassau Democratic leader Jay Jacobs could transfer $90,000 of party funds to a State Senate candidate who ended up quitting his race after being accused of fraud, why didn't Jacobs provide some financial support to his congressional candidate?

Schaffer said that Democrat Pat Maher was the only one to step forward against King. That statement is an indictment of both Schaffer's and Jacobs' inadequate leadership, and is symptomatic of all that is wrong with the current political system.

James J. McDonald, Deer Park

Editor's note: The writer ran for State Senate as a Democrat in 2006.