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Good Afternoon

Letter: Lack of education feeds terrorism

Civilians inspect the site of a car bomb

Civilians inspect the site of a car bomb attack on Palestine Street in eastern Baghdad, Iraq, June 10, 2015. Credit: AP

The prime cause of many terrorist attacks might not be terrorist causes. Close observation reveals they’re often violent and deadly outbursts from aimless, floundering and hateful young men who haven’t found any productive interests or fruitful career paths [“Munich killer: Troubled teen,” News, July 24].

They’re easily susceptible and prone to joining any gang, cult or cause — which they most probably don’t fully understand or can’t even articulate. A prime motivation is apparently the craving for recognition, even for a few seconds before a suicide.

We certainly cannot cure all the multiple and complex conditions — including any profound neglect, nurturing deficiencies or abuse in their pasts. These contribute to the dehumanization, tragic loss of human empathy and a thirst for violence and mayhem. And yes, many others have successfully overcome colossal disadvantages.

Yet education here and abroad can do much more to prevent so many from falling between the cracks, with a major focus on building on student strengths, career orientation and counseling.

Fred Barnett, Lake Grove

Editor’s note: The writer is a retired teacher.