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Letter: Law needed on workplace bullying

If this is what your work looks like,

If this is what your work looks like, you might need a break to do nothing. While we're can't advocate being a truant, make up your own mind if doing nothing is worth it today. Credit: iStock

I applaud "Stop workplace bullying in its tracks" [Business Column, July 21]. This topic deserves front-and-center attention.

In her reply to the letter that was sent to her, columnist Carrie Mason-Draffen wrote, "believe it or not, neither New York State nor the nation has laws outlawing bullying in the workplace."

Although this is true, there's a bill active in New York sponsored by Assemb. Steve Englebright (D-Setauket) that addresses workplace bullying. The bill's purpose is to provide legal redress for employees who have been harmed psychologically, physically or economically by deliberate exposure to abusive work environments, and to provide legal incentives for employers to prevent and respond to mistreatment of employees.

The same abusive behaviors that are prohibited under civil rights and anti-discrimination laws are perfectly legal in all instances where the violation of civil rights or discrimination is absent. And women are bullied in the workplace more often than men. Perhaps Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo should include this issue in his women's equality agenda?

Workplace bullying mimics the behaviors associated with domestic violence, and this form of violence should no longer be tolerated in New York.

Tom Witt, Baldwin

Editor's note: The writer is the state coordinator for New York Healthy Workplace Advocates, a grassroots organization.