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Good Morning

Letter: Lawrence schools are declining

If I were asked how to lower the quality of a school district, I would say to contact the Lawrence Board of Education ["They'll miss the bus," News, Aug. 30]. Under this board's guidance, the services, quality of education and class size have all gone in the wrong direction.

As an involved parent, I have seen the descent of what was once considered a quality district to one that now has two schools listed on the State Department of Education's watch list for not performing up to standard.

This has been an ongoing concern for many parents. When we bring this issue to the school board's attention, we're told, "We will look into it" -- only for the parent to find that members look the other way. The board is made up of people who send their children to private schools. Many never attend district activities.

The board's only concern is to make sure that private school students get the best education available, at the expense of the public school student.

Barry Ringelheim, Atlantic Beach

Editor's note: The writer was an unsuccessful candidate for the Lawrence school board in 2009.