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Letter: Legislature must limit pensions

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, pictured in an undated file

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, pictured in an undated file photo, criticized Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's pro-gun tweet on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016. Credit: Getty Images / Slaven Vlasic

The State Legislature epitomizes the saying of having the fox guard the hen house, with regard to corruption and state pensions [“Cuomo: Speak up on pension,” News, Feb. 19].

The public employee unions’ argument that “family members of employees would be hurt financially for misdeeds of the worker,” in my opinion, doesn’t hold water. Those family members in some way benefited from the misdeeds of their spouses or parents.

If the legislature took strong, firm action on pension forfeiture, that might put the onus on the families to be more concerned with the actions of their spouses or parents, since they would also suffer the consequences. I don’t see the unions or the legislature being overly concerned about the impact on the taxpayer, who suffers through higher taxes to pay for these ill-gotten pensions.

It’s time for the foxes to stand up and be counted.

James J. McCormick, East Northport