Norma Gonsalves, the Nassau County Legislature’s presiding officer, has again embarrassed her office by not doing her job [“Dems push inspector general vote,” News, July 17].

The Republican leader continues to ignore the Democratic Party’s plea for a vote on an independent inspector general to oversee how county contracts are awarded. Corruption involved in these deals of $24,999 or less is well documented and must be stopped. But Gonsalves has not allowed a vote on any proposal by the minority party. Doing so would put her party members’ votes on record and their blockade of progress out there for all to see.

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This is not just a Nassau problem. It’s rampant within the GOP on the national stage and has been the party’s political survival tactic: Stall and block anything the Democrats try to do.

Bruce M. Resch, East Meadow

Editor’s note: The writer is a registered Democrat.