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Letter: Less public access to shoreline

This is a sketch of the condominiums proposed

This is a sketch of the condominiums proposed for the East Rockaway-Oceanside project. Credit: Beechwood Organization

I certainly hope that the people on the Nassau County Planning Commission consider the public interest when reviewing the developer's plans in East Rockaway ["Developer clears 1st big hurdle," News, Jan. 14].

The developer wants to replace a marina with 84 condos and at least 65 boat slips. This could be another instance of the public losing access to the shoreline.

This has been a trend on Long Island for 30 years. Marinas, docks, beaches, marshlands, boatyards, boat ramps, fishing piers and bait shops have been replaced by private McMansions, condos, bulkheads and fences blocking off access and views of the shoreline. The public has a right to access under common law.

Long Island is rapidly losing its maritime culture and quality of life to suburban sprawl. I hope at least they set aside room for a public boat ramp for launching sailboats and other small craft. I haven't found any places in Nassau County suitable for that.

John Eastlund, Wantagh

Editor's note: The writer is a retired marine geologist and nautical archaeologist. He moved back to Wantagh after living in Texas for 31 years.