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Letter: Let market decide what an airline does

A United Airlines plane takes off from Newark

A United Airlines plane takes off from Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J., July 25, 2013. Credit: AP

There’s is no reason for Sen. Chuck Schumer to get involved with United Airlines’ planned “basic economy” fare [“Schumer: It’s just un-fare,” News, Dec. 5]. Liberals don’t understand the free market and competition. This is why people are calling for lower taxes and regulations.

Let United Airlines raise prices or charge for overhead bins. Things will happen without government involvement; people will look at other airlines or pay more to use overhead bins. More competition and less regulation are what’s needed to help people. With our wallets, we have the power to force change. Give new companies a chance to start with lower taxes and less regulation, and consumers will win all the time.

Patrick Nicolosi, Elmont