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Letter: Let's preserve natural resources

A dry field of corn near Ashland, Neb.

A dry field of corn near Ashland, Neb. (Aug. 9, 2012) Photo Credit: AP

Regarding "The age of scarcity is upon us" [Opinion, Aug. 5], I couldn't agree more. As a baby boomer, I grew up when our country was flourishing and American pride was at its peak.

Now, our economy has hit a new low. As columnist Peter Goldmark stated, scientists, economists and environmentalists are predicting an age of scarcity worldwide unless we make critical changes in our use of natural resources.

China is moving at lightning speed to catch up with the American capitalist lifestyle. They're building skyscrapers and choking in dense smog from their new cars. We have set a doomsday example for them to follow.

We need to look at the lifestyles in Europe. Many live in more modest homes, and they have secure jobs, more modern public transportation, health care, child care and elder care. They're more learned about where their food comes from, they recycle and preserve their open spaces, and they build structures to a higher standard.

Is it the American way as we know it? No, but it's the way we need to adapt.

Pauline M. Hazard, East Patchogue