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Letter: Levinson's right about income taxes

One way to lower your tax bill in

One way to lower your tax bill in April is to donate appreciated securities, like stocks, bonds or mutual funds, to a charity. Credit: iStock

In the op-ed "A clear-cut way to assess property" [Jan. 3], former Nassau County Assessor Harvey Levinson says he proposed abolishing residential property taxes in favor of "a modest income tax." This is the only fair way to tax people.

I have always wondered why our federal and state governments operate on our income taxes, but our localities and schools are funded by property taxes. Property taxes are based on location and the house itself. However, they don't take into account income, which can rise or fall as a result of a job loss, the death of a wage earner, retirement, etc.

The only way residents can pay a fair share of local and school taxes is through an income tax.

In addition, the current assessment system is highly flawed. Anyone can look up the other homes on a street on the county website and see that there's a huge range in property taxes, and they do not reflect the comparative value of the homes. The valuations don't seem to take into account the homes' amenities and conditions.

Joan Pellaton, Port Washington