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Letter: LI drivers have become dangerous

Wet road conditions on the Long Island Expressway

Wet road conditions on the Long Island Expressway at Waverly Ave. in Holbrook as heavy rain falls Monday morning. (Jan. 6, 2014) Credit: James Carbone

How is it that an 88-year-old grandmother gets hit by a car and left for dead, and that story is way back on page A20 ["Pedestrian killed in hit and run," News, Dec. 31]?

There is an epidemic here on Long Island. There seem to be hit-and-runs every week, as well as people losing control of their cars, slamming into houses and trees, flipping over.

Everywhere I look, I see about 1 in 5 drivers on their cellphones. Who's responsible? The reckless drivers are, of course, but where are the police?

The only time I see an officer is after an accident. They need to get out there and patrol our roads diligently.

Paul E. Kerns, Bayport