The departing Roosevelt school district superintendent, Deborah Wortham, will need all of her Long Island savvy to solve the mess she's taking on in East Ramapo ["Roosevelt supe says goodbye," News, Oct. 9].

My peers and I -- a coalition of public school parents, taxpayers, clergy, civic organizations, alumni and local elected officials -- fought for a bill providing strong state oversight of the East Ramapo school district in Rockland County. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo endorsed the measure, which was a far milder approach than the 2002 state takeover in Roosevelt, but one that would restore integrity to a district in crisis.

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The State Assembly passed the legislation in June, but Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-East Northport) refused to bring it before his chamber for a vote. Without this bill, the school board can continue what former federal prosecutor Hank Greenberg concluded in his report to the Board of Regents: reckless mismanagement and favoritism toward private schools over public schools.

Andrew Mandel, Manhattan