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Good Afternoon

Letter: Limit leaf blowing in summer

It would be nice to have more raking,

It would be nice to have more raking, less blowing -- and a leaf or two left behind. Credit: iStock

I was thrilled to read about Huntington's effort to restrict the inappropriate and unhealthy use of leafblowers during summer months ["Leaf us alone," News, June 20].

I live in an area of tiny properties on small historic side streets that are overwhelmed with commercial lawn service trucks and equipment all summer. The noise and exhaust and airborne debris from the blowers have made it impossible to be outside during summer months in daylight hours. I am close to moving off the Island to cool, quiet mountains upstate because of the blowers.

All it would take to improve this situation is for landscaping companies to tell their people to use blowers only on leaves. Education is the key.

I wish Citizens Appeal for Leafblower Moderation good luck. I have received lukewarm response from Town of Brookhaven officials in response to my complaints. Perhaps I will have to move only as far as Huntington if CALM prevails!

Mary Leming, Stony Brook