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Good Morning

Letter: LIPA energy surcharge makes no sense

Remember when you were charged a fee to not have your number listed in the phone book? The Long Island Power Authority just approved a similar absurdity for Long Islanders.

If we do not use as much energy as PSEG Long Island would like us to, the utility will now have the right to issue a surcharge for lost revenue ["LIPA OKs rate-hike tool," News, March 27].

Imagine a supermarket charging you extra because you did not buy a certain item. "Sorry ma'am, but you didn't purchase meat today. That'll be an extra $2!"

From whom do ratepayers get reimbursed if they have a bad year or do not get a hoped-for raise?

With Long Island already at the top of the U.S. tax rate chart, how long before these tactics cause a mass exodus?

Bruce M Resch, East Meadow

High-calorie meals are irresponsible

At a time when obesity has become a medical problem in this country, why would you see fit to promote menus with calories probably exceeding what is recommended for a three-day intake ["Extreme eats," exploreLI, April 9]?

Shame on you, Newsday.

Lillian Kufs, East Meadow

Billionaire should end his threats

The success of billionaire John Catsimatidis, the real estate and grocery magnate from Manhattan and East Quogue, has obviously made him feel empowered to get what he wants when he wants it.

Catsimatidis bought United Riverhead Terminal Inc.'s field of 20 oil tanks in Northville in 2012. It is the largest oil storage facility in the state. Now he is asking Riverhead for permission to expand by converting two tanks to gasoline and by building two new tanks for ethanol. That will mean more trucks coming and going.

Residents of Northville are objecting strongly ["Fueling a controversy," News, April 6]. Not used to taking no for an answer, Catsimatidis challenged detractors in no uncertain terms, "I will face down anybody who's an opponent and ask them why. I'll look them in the eyes."

With the same lack of diplomacy that Catsimatidis has tried to bully the public, he incredibly has also alienated Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter and his board. At a crowded public hearing in March, Walter told company officials, "There's a consensus building on this board. You have a pretty big uphill battle."

Catsimatidis' threatening statements are uncalled for. He knew what he was buying and he should drop his requests to expand.

Joe Krupinski, Sea Cliff

Observation-deck prices are sky high

I was flabbergasted to find out the prices for admission to the observation decks on tall buildings in New York City ["Top of the world," News, April 8]. Tickets at 1 World Trade Center will range from $26 to $32 per person. Some other skyscrapers charge even more.

I feel sorry for a family of four visiting our fair city from out of state or abroad to fulfill a lifelong dream, only to find it will cost them more than $100!

Yes, the buildings are landmarks and the views are spectacular when the visibility is unlimited. (Any discount for a less-than-clear day?)

However, I feel the fees are exorbitant, and a $2 or $3 discount for seniors isn't much. Also, what about a discount for our veterans?

I thought Disney World was overpriced, but at least you get a whole day of rides and shows!

Angela Romano, Deer Park

Obama foreign policy risks security

The fact that Obama administration is desperately trying to sell its Iran nuclear deal -- despite the discord with Iran over key points that would make the deal a complete folly for the United States -- shows the urgent need for congressional review ["Iran: Life sanctions on Day 1," News, April 10].

The White House has repeatedly shown -- in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and toward Israel -- that its foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, is guided by extreme ideology, excessive spin and personal hubris, rather than by a clear understanding of our national interests.

Congress needs to aggressively assert itself in the foreign policy arena before the incompetence and inexperience of the Obama administration permanently damage the national security of the United States and our allies.

Ron Weiss, St. James