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Letter: LIPA energy surcharge makes no sense

Long Island Power Authority trustees overwhelmingly approved a

Long Island Power Authority trustees overwhelmingly approved a measure Thursday that allows the authority to increase customer charges by more than a planned rate hike when sales are affected by green-energy programs, unexpected weather or economic shifts. Photo Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Remember when you were charged a fee to not have your number listed in the phone book? The Long Island Power Authority just approved a similar absurdity for Long Islanders.

If we do not use as much energy as PSEG Long Island would like us to, the utility will now have the right to issue a surcharge for lost revenue ["LIPA OKs rate-hike tool," News, March 27].

Imagine a supermarket charging you extra because you did not buy a certain item. "Sorry ma'am, but you didn't purchase meat today. That'll be an extra $2!"

From whom do ratepayers get reimbursed if they have a bad year or do not get a hoped-for raise?

With Long Island already at the top of the U.S. tax rate chart, how long before these tactics cause a mass exodus?

Bruce M Resch, East Meadow


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