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Letter: LIPA trustee ought to back solar

The North Hempstead Town Board will hold a

The North Hempstead Town Board will hold a special hearing tonight to discuss adding solar panels at two old landfills. Credit: Steve Pfost

Thank you for "Opponents of solar farm offer thin arguments" [Editorial, Sept. 24]. On the heels of 310,000 citizens from all over this country gathering in New York City to demand just the kind of action that the proposed solar farm in Shoreham embodies, it is appalling that a Long Island Power Authority trustee, Marc Alessi, would oppose it.

Claiming it was a surprise that was plotted in secret, Alessi either pays no attention to his responsibility as trustee, or he believes we are stupid. In either case, it's obvious that he should step down or be removed from that position.

The public is sick of public officials who put their own or their benefactors' agendas ahead of the public good.

Don Matheson, East Hampton

Editor's note: The writer is a member of the Long Island chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby.