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Letter: LIRR stat-keeping should be revised

An LIRR train pulling into the Mineola LIRR

An LIRR train pulling into the Mineola LIRR station, May 6, 2011. A new Starbucks at the Mineola station may boost the downtown area, but potentially at the expense of additional congestion and parking woes, village officials said. Credit: Howard Schnapp

With regard to “Meltdowns belie LIRR’s on-time stats” [News, Aug. 21], perhaps the Long Island Rail Road, the LIRR Commuter Council and others should re-examine the validity, objectivity and accuracy of what is measured.

As an example, incorporating data of instances beyond control — snowstorms, a car on the track — or lack thereof into overall performance skews the metric. A separate metric of these types of events and its relationship to overall performance would likely be more objective.

A metric also must have an actionable component, which also should be published: What are the steps to take to address issues or to improve performance, and are they working? That’s where your metrics tie into the customer experience.

Marc Friedman, Bayville