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Good Afternoon

Letter: Living 'in' or 'on' Long Island?

Satellite photo of Long Island east end.

Satellite photo of Long Island east end. Credit: Google Earth, 2008

A recent letter to the editor ["Living 'on' LI, not 'in' it," July 26] is correct in pointing out that we live "on" Long Island but cites the wrong reason. The letter states that people live "on" an island, and yet New Yorkers live "in" Staten Island and Manhattan, which are islands.

New Yorkers also live in Brooklyn and Queens, both of which are "on" Long Island (it's a deep, dark secret they'd rather you not bring up). Some Long Islanders live "in" Long Beach, a barrier island, not on it.

The fact is, you live in the aforementioned locations because they are specific municipalities. You live "on" Long Island because there is no municipality known as "Long Island." In other words, while there is plenty of government on Long Island, there is no Long Island government.

Michael Watt, Babylon