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Letter: Localities can’t afford Garvies Point

Architect Rick Parisi says Garvies Point is a

Architect Rick Parisi says Garvies Point is a 60-acre residential and mixed-use project with retail and a restaurant. Credit: News 12

Your editorial “Garvies Point project is a plus for Glen Cove” [July 28] asserts that the Nassau County Legislature should willingly accept less tax revenue than it normally would for a project like Garvies Point.

A lifelong Glen Cove resident, I find it incredibly irresponsible that the same publication that sheds light on the financial mismanagement of Nassau County would then do an about-face and encourage the county to take less money — on a project that is extremely divisive, at best.

The Garvies Point developer, RXR Realty, at the eleventh hour is practically blackmailing one of the state’s most fiscally stressed cities to pay for construction of public amenities, like parks and roads. The cost amounts to a bond projected to cost $283 million, along with tax breaks.

It’s irresponsible for Newsday to encourage a project that the public knows so little about.

Adam Ramadan, Glen Cove