Someone has got to come to the defense of locker rooms [“No holds barred,” News, Oct. 10].

Donald Trump called his talk in a 2005 “Access Hollywood” video “locker room banter,” and the media have repeated the phrase to mean talk that uses vulgar and demeaning language about women. Not in the locker room at Echo Park, a Town of Hempstead facility in West Hempstead!

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Women are rarely the subject of the banter in the men’s locker room there. Politics, aches and pains, financial advice, and, of course, sports are the topics. When someone recently in the locker room mentioned a woman to me, he was asking me to pray for a daughter struggling with a medical condition.

Women need not fear that the men in their lives go to locker rooms and descend to the level of crass, vulgar people in the news.

John M. Walsh, Stewart Manor