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Letter: Long Island dog parks result of advocacy

Two dogs play inside Oyster Bay Town's first

Two dogs play inside Oyster Bay Town's first dog park, which opened to the public. (June 3, 2012) Credit: Steve Pfost

"A friendlier LI for man's best friend" [Expressway, March 16] did a great job describing why dog parks are so popular with people and dogs. But your readers need to understand that Long Island did not become friendlier to dogs on its own. The surge in dog parks in the last six years is the direct result of dog owners coming together in organizations like the Long Island Dog Owners Group and working with elected officials.

As more dog parks have come into being, elected officials have seen how popular they are and have become more receptive. A key turning point was May 2007, when the Suffolk County Legislature passed what we refer to as the "five new dog parks" bill. The county executive signed it into law.

That law directed the parks commissioner to designate at least five areas for development into dog parks. Since then, Suffolk County has created three new dog parks and one popular off-leash beach.

Within the last year, three new dog parks have opened in Nassau County, including the Town of Oyster Bay's first dog park, in Massapequa, and a long-awaited dog park in Eisenhower Park.

Ginny Munger Kahn, Huntington

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Long Island Dog Owners Group.