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Letter: Long Island has bigger problems

Enhancing the Long Island Rail Road is a

Enhancing the Long Island Rail Road is a crucial element in achieving what is a very bright future for Long Island indeed. Credit: iStock

The opinion piece "Reverse commute is critical for LI" [April 10] doesn't seem to be very familiar with Long Island and the metropolitan area. I seriously doubt that upgrading the Long Island Rail Road would spark growth here by attracting those living in New York City to reverse-commute. Long Island is hardly positioned for growth.

With some of the country's highest taxes, lack of affordable housing for young workers, and mismanaged local government budgets, Long Island is in a sad state.

If we admit to, and start to address these major structural problems, Long Island may begin to achieve real and sustained growth by attracting growth companies and young ambitious workers. But improving the LIRR as the major catalyst? Good grief! Let's get real!

Stan Adams, Baldwin