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Letter: Long Island pols budgeting badly

How does your salary stack up? Check our

How does your salary stack up? Check our online database to find out. Credit: iStock

After reading yet another Newsday article exposing the exorbitantly high salaries paid to Nassau and Suffolk public employees, I want to ask why ["Highest paid workers are at Suffolk's jail," News, Feb. 22.]

Why are teachers, police, correction officers, and even some dog pound employees, making six-figure salaries, while within the private sector, this pay level is the exception? Why do elected officials constantly cite the high cost of government at every level, yet have no problem paying out these salaries?

Why is there no oversight on the use of taxpayer dollars to fund public employee salaries and benefits? It's time our elected officials are held accountable for the high taxes they regularly impose on Long Islanders and are so willing to give away.

Frank S. Farello, West Babylon