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Letter: Long Island Rail Road third track will benefit Nassau County

A LIRR train comes into Floral Park station

A LIRR train comes into Floral Park station Tuesday, June 14, 2016. The two tracks on the right in this picture diverge from the other line shortly after the station and bisect the village of Floral Park. The MTA is proposing to add another track to the main line after the station. The Village of Floral Park is concerned that a proposed third track for the LIRR line that runs next to the community's pool and recreation complex will have a negative impact on the village. Credit: Chuck Fadely

Over the last several months, the discussion about the Long Island Rail Road’s third track project in Nassau County has evolved from a conversation about short-term inconvenience of construction to one about long-term value for Long Island, especially within the project corridor on the Main Line from Floral Park to Hicksville [“Localities to study impact of LIRR track,” News, Jan. 30]. But what about local property owners?

Long Island property owners pay some of the highest taxes in the state. Getting our fair share returned, through this $2 billion investment, would reap rewards for the whole region through new jobs and an added $3 billion in personal income within 10 years.

The most immediate return, however, will be seen by homeowners along the corridor, once thought to be most at risk from an earlier version of the project that proposed residential property takings.

This time, there will be no such takings, and trains will pass unseen behind a sound attenuation wall and without horn blasts.

In addition, modernized stations, expanded parking, and grade-crossing eliminations that are included in the project ensure that homeowners and commercial property owners alike will benefit from a transformational beautification of the corridor.

Mark Hamer, Hauppauge

Editor’s note: The writer is a board member of the Association for a Better Long Island, a developer lobbying organization.