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Letter: Long Islanders can afford taxes

President Barack Obama holds a pen while saying

President Barack Obama holds a pen while saying he is ready to sign legislation taht would extend tax cuts for middle class people during an event in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. (Nov. 28, 2012) Photo Credit: Getty Images

We are very lucky. We have good jobs with benefits. The kids go to college. We have all the material things Long Islanders strive for: a house in a good school district, two cars, cable TV, Internet, satellite radio, smartphones, e-readers. We have some savings, and we take the occasional nice vacation. We enjoy all this on a household income that is far less than $250,000.

Columnist Anne Michaud asserts that Long Islanders cannot afford to pay a few percentage points more in taxes on earnings above $250,000, as proposed by President Barack Obama [" 'High income' isn't as much on Long Island," Opinion, Nov. 29]. That is simply not credible. Sure, expenses are higher here. We also earn more.

If you earn $260,000, congratulations, you have benefited mightily from everything our country offers. Do you begrudge an extra $300 so that all Americans can have good schools, health care and Social Security?

Daryl Altman

Robert Shepard