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Letter: Low-wage jobs won't create growth

A stock image of a pile of money.

A stock image of a pile of money. Credit: iStock

Part-time, low-skilled, low-wage jobs in the service sector are not sustainable or long-term solutions to our fundamental problems . If we want to increase the standard of living and level of income, we need private savings, private investment, sound money, fiscal conservatism and fewer taxes. Consumption does not create economic growth, it's a reward for economic growth.

The government subsidized construction jobs such as those on Hempstead Turnpike to build medians. To me, this looks to be more like digging giant holes just to fill them in again.

Society is not better off as a result. There is no economic benefit, and these resources could be used more efficiently in the free market to create manufacturing jobs, which would increase exports and decrease our crippling trade deficit.

Nick Tartaglia, Franklin Square