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Letter: MacArthur flights are inconvenient

Passengers arrive for their flights at Long Island

Passengers arrive for their flights at Long Island MacArthur Airport on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

The town of Islip and the only two main airlines that fly out of Long Island MacArthur Airport are missing the big picture [“Still a tough climb for MacArthur,” News, Feb. 7].

If they want business to get better, they don’t need international flights; they need to make better domestic flights.

Whenever my wife and I travel, we always look at Southwest at MacArthur Airport. Not only is it convenient from Commack, it’s less busy and less of a hassle than going to La Guardia or Kennedy airports.

Unfortunately that’s the only good thing. Almost all of the flights out of MacArthur require one or two layovers to reach your destination. And they cost more than taking a nonstop flight from Kennedy. How can you justify paying more for a two-stop flight than a nonstop flight?

I would certainly considering paying more for a flight out of MacArthur if it’s a nonstop trip. No one wants to fly for eight hours to go to Phoenix when it only takes four hours nonstop.I’m not asking the airlines to make all flights nonstop, but at least offer some slots with convenient times, and you will see a major increase in sales. Until then, I’ll fly out of Kennedy.

Mike Schnebel, Commack