The Town of Hempstead again did a great job of removing the snow from my block [“The cold truth,” News, Feb. 9]. I live on a dead-end street in Oceanside. The town crews came relatively early and took their time. They even took time to move the garbage cans without burying them.

On another note, can someone explain why we need the mail delivered in weather like this? All the schools were closed. Many houses and walkways hadn’t been shoveled. Many streets weren’t plowed.

Next door, the mail delivery woman ended up falling down. She was OK, but is this worth it?

Randy Perlmutter, Oceanside


I was reluctant to apply for a handicap parking tag, having enjoyed good health for 80-plus years. However, recently, a series of necessary medical procedures have left me short of being as physically capable as I once was.

I use the tag often. However, it’s disappointing to see snow removal crews block handicap parking spots with high piles of snow [“Cleaning up no treat for LIers,” News, Jan. 25]. How inconsiderate!

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Jim Roth, Poquott