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Letter: Maine Maid Inn is crumbling

The Maine Maid Inn in Jericho was built

The Maine Maid Inn in Jericho was built in 1789 as the home for prominent Quaker Valentine Hicks. (Jan. 17, 2007) Credit: George Tsourovakas

A judge halted the building of a new restaurant on the site of the Maine Maid Inn ["Judge halts landmark inn construction," News, July 1]. I just don't understand this. The building was in complete disrepair, and unless the Landmarks Preservation Commission intends to build a brand-new museum, it's a complete waste of time.

I understand the antebellum history, but this is making a monument out of a molehill. A statue or plaque at Syosset Woodbury Park or the Jericho Public Library would be a fitting tribute, and people could see it every day.

A brand-new building, workers and customers would be welcome sights to replace another crumbling, empty building.

Kevin H. Fox, Jericho