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Letter: Majority see past race of president

Anne Michaud's column "Who are today's Archie Bunkers?" [Opinion, June 6] is a very revealing insight to the liberal mindset.

After all the strides that minorities have made in this country in the past 50 years -- even after President Barack Obama has been elected twice -- liberals are still obsessed with the very small percentage of bigots. Do some think like Archie Bunker? Of course. But I'd venture a guess it's the same small percentage of folks who think that all Midwesterners are unsophisticated country bumpkins.

Moreover, Michaud selectively picks various "All in the Family" episodes to demonstrate Archie Bunker's bigotry. But one thing that she doesn't seem to know is that by the end of the 12-year run of "All in the Family" and "Archie Bunker's Place," Archie had changed. While still ignorant, he was no longer a bigot -- he had clearly matured when it came to how he viewed race. And so have most Americans.

Liberals can't seem to accept the fact that a majority of American citizens see past race and assess politicians based on merits. Instead, they transfix on the few bigots. And that's sad. It's time that these "progressives" accept that we're not in 1970s anymore and move on with the rest of us.

Andrew Taregovnik, Syosset


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