Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Letter: Make air travel more bearable, please

Concede that flying will never again be enjoyable

Concede that flying will never again be enjoyable . . . or at least not until your child can understand bribes and threats. No, you will not get to watch a movie without pausing it about five dozen times, eat your meal like a normal human with two free hands or sleep for any extended period of time. But if you are lucky, you will end your flight much like that woman and I did: looking ragged, smelling questionable and feeling victorious.

That is, at least until later that night when you're dealing with a jet-lagged child.

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Now that the airline industry is making a profit [“Free snacks make a comeback for coach fliers,” Business, Feb. 02], the industry should look for ways to reduce passenger suffering by providing more leg room.

My experiences on recent flights to Europe were torturous. There was barely enough leg room and no opportunity to maneuver once the seats in front were reclined.

Stephanie Bail, Wading River