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Letter: Make LIPA a private agency

I fully agree with the editorial, as long as no one loses a job. National Grid has done an exemplary job in straightening out the mess that LIPA simply cannot handle. I feel that LIPA should be abolished, and National Grid should make a bid to buy out the agency. The existing contract with Public Service Enterprise Group of New Jersey must be canceled.

I am retired from the Federal Aviation Administration, and we had many accounts with LILCO before LIPA and National Grid took over. One of the FAA office managers complained to me about outrageous electric bills, compared to the other offices in the mini-mall.

I investigated and found that LILCO was charging us the wrong rate, to the tune of more than $900,000 from the inception of our lease. This is a prime example of a monumental error.

Robert L. Macchia, West Babylon