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Letter: Making butterflies welcome on LI

A 4th generation monarch butterfly latches on to

A 4th generation monarch butterfly latches on to a shrub before getting wrangled in Lonelyville, Fire Island, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. It will be one up to 100 million monarchs migrating to Mexico for the winter. Credit: Randee Daddona

The story "Going native" [News, Aug. 16] said that some local nurseries and gardeners are embracing native plants, both for their beauty and to restore the habitat of species like the monarch butterfly.

It reminded me of a retired schoolteacher who volunteers at the Bethpage Restoration Farm in the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. She has developed a garden that contains lots of desirable plants for butterflies to munch on. School groups and adults can visit and learn about this habitat rich in plants.

We have workshops through our arts and education program on butterflies, composting, raising backyard chickens, growing apples organically and more.

At the farm, we are very aware of the problem with the butterfly habitat and are trying to do our part to increase the population on Long Island.

Lucille McCue, Bay Shore

Editor's note: The writer is a volunteer at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration.